Following Our Ancestors Footprints: Voss and Reid Families

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Lakeview Cemetery

44.8125,-91.5319 G

Off Cameron Street, Eau Claire, Wisc.

Lakeview Cemetery, Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co., Wisc.
Lila E (Holum) Powers-Fenner
William F and Eleanor M (Culbert) Meier marker
Robert R and Celia R (Danielson) White marker
Melvin Robert White marker
Henry and Clara (Gilbertson) Hanson marker
Vernon and Evelyn (Hanson) Miller marker. [Brother and sister]
Madeline (Hanson) Flynn
Edward F, Olga (Brabec) and son Richard E Voss
Morris M Miller marker
Judd A Burns marker
Robert and Rose (Zurek) Fenner marker
Ronald and Janice (Kohn) Fenner marker
Bradley A Peterson marker
Aaron L Lenmark marker
Donald P and Ilene D (Redman) Fletty marker
Kelly (Fletty) Ozolins marker
Loraine M (Phillips) Berg marker
Glen J and Loraine (Phillips) Berg marker