Following Our Ancestors Footprints: Voss and Reid Families

From Wisconsin Back to Scotland, England, Norway, and Germany

How To Use This Site


Most images on this site are already scaled by me to fit on a standard desktop screen. People viewing the website on a smaller devise, i.e. tablet or cell phone, will see a much smaller image. Clicking the small square box in the upper right will give the user the option to see a larger image. Clicking anywhere outside that image will return to the smaller size.


From an image gallery, the green box with the white arrow will take you directly to that persons page; the box with the smaller square green box with take you to a larger image. Each person entry has a "Family Explorer" icon by their name. Clicking that brings up a four generation pedigree chart. Also included is that persons siblings and if married, their spouse and children. All names are linked to that persons page.


Search Index is basically every known surname found on the website. Click on a surname and that will take you to another page with only that surname and given name. Just click the appropriate one to be taken to that persons page.

Search is a more robust search engine. The user can search by first and middle names. If you only know a given name, you can add the spouse or even the mother and father. All sorts of combinations are possible. A list of linked names (including alternate names) will appear on the right side of the page.

People Included in Site

There should be no living people included on this website. For most, this means that your closest included ancestors are your grandparents. There are one or two instances where a child was born and died soon after birth and the parents are still living, in that case the child will have an entry, but the parents will not be listed. If one spouse died and the other spouse is still living, the deceased spouse will have an entry, but no marriage information will be listed.

What information is included

At this point mainly birth, marriage, death and burial information is shared. Many entries also have census and property information. There may be a few surprises for descendants as to when people married, the birth date of a child or even a birth name.

What to do if you dispute information or have information to add

If you dispute any information, please send me an email with your supporting evidence. I will be happy to provide your information and reasoning, giving you credit, with the next update to the website. The same applies to additional information and images you may want to share.